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Important things to be considered for buying horse box

For all those people who want to transport horse of any age from one place to another; it is not an easy task. Experts say that it is better to ride your horse if you want to go from one place to another which is not distant. However, if you want to go from one part of the city to another part; you will definitely require horse box. There are lots of providers offering you these boxes so that you can take your horse long way easily. Below mentioned are some of the tips which you can use to select the best one:

Size of the horse box

It is highly recommended that you must choose appropriate size of the box so that the horse can be accommodated easily.

While choosing the box, age and size of the horse must be kept in mind. The breed of horse also should be considered. You must provide details to the provider and he will suggest you the best product.

Material and Structure of the horse box

People tend to ignore material; the horse box is made up of. The plays an important role when you choose the horse box for your pets. This is because of the reason that the pet may roam around and strike the box when he is kept into it. If the material is of low quality; it may break and you may need to get fixed it. Make sure that the material used to manufacture these boxes is of good quality and from the reputed provider.

The structure of the horse box should be as per the size of the horse. Sometimes, you also need to transport the tender along with the horse; so selecting the right kind of structure is necessary.

Lightening and ventilation in horse box

Generally, animals do not want to stay in enclosed and dark places. That is why, it is suggested the horse box must have proper lightening and ventilation system. If you are going to purchase a new horse box, you must keep in mind that the horse may get wild if it does not receive proper lightening system.

When you are going to buy horse box or even hire a horse box, you must keep all these points in mind and then make the right decision. You can get in touch with more than one provider and choose the best one.

Get the best deal on horse box

There are lots of companies offering horse box for transporting horse from one part to another part of the city or state. Choosing the best one can be a tedious process. This is because of the reason that there are lots of them claiming to provide you the best services. You must be aware of the fact that if you do not get right type of horse box, you might face lots of issues such as your horse may get out of control or complete damage to the horse box. It is highly recommended to do complete research before buying horse box from any providers.


There are lots of websites on the internet offering wide range of horse boxes. You can easily do research and find out the best as per your requirements. The internet gives you an opportunity to compare the price of various providers. You can check the price as well as other factors such as material, size and quality of these horse boxes. On the websites, the features, images and details of horse boxes are provided which you can view and decide as per your requirements.

One of the biggest advantages of searching on the internet is that you will also have various discounts and promotional offers for buying them. Lots of providers sell horse box at lower rates and you can take advantages of these offers to buy your horse box.

Local Providers

There may be some local providers at your place where you can go and get to view the products. One of the benefits of going to local provider is that you will get a chance to view the horse box as well as touch and feel the horse box. You can even negotiate the price of these boxes so that you can get the best deals. The local providers will have wide range of variety of these boxes and you can select the one depending upon your requirements. You can even tell providers about the size and age of your horse and he will show you the horse box of appropriate size.

Whether you buy these horse boxes from local provider or online, it is suggested that you must visit more than one place. This way, you can compare the price and discounts and then can get the horse box at lower price. You must be aware of the fact that you will not to spend money for taking your horse from one place to another.

Choosing The Best Option From Horse Boxes For Sale

Transporting pet animals has always been a matter of concern for people and when your pet is a stallion, this concern increases manifold. In case you have to transport your horse over a short distance, the best choice is to ride it there. However, when you have to take your horse a long way, riding it is not an option. You will need specialized horse boxes for this. Thankfully horse boxes for sale are aplenty and you can easily buy new or used horse boxes.   

Horse box sales are so good because there are a number of choices available. The flip side is that this choice becomes the decision maker’s dilemma. Below are some primary considerations to help you choose from the best horse boxes for sale.

First of all, you must decide how big a vehicle you need. If you have to transport your daughter’s pony around, a small box will do. A thoroughbred stallion will need the largest possible box you can get.

Second thing you must check is that the horse box has to be made of reinforced material and structure. Your horse might kick around in the box if it becomes annoyed during the journey. The box must be able to withstand its immense blows. Also the vehicle must not be so light that it gets toppled if its balance is compromised. This is particularly important for people planning to buy second hand horse boxes.

Third thing you must check before you close the deal is that appropriate light is getting to the area where the horse will be placed. A tender or groom will also accompany the horse on journey. Along with proper lighting, it is also necessary that the horse groom can remain in direct contact with the horse and the vehicle driver at the same time. This is to enable proper handling of any emergency situation. At any time you buy a horse box, never, ever compromise on proper lighting or ventilation.

Finally, you must also check if the ramp is included in the price of the vehicle or not. The ramp is necessary for the horse to be able to get in or out of the box.

Only that box which meets all these conditions is the best among all horse boxes for sale.

Key Steps In Transporting Horses

Ask any animal lover and you will get to hear several stories related to transporting animals. Unlike most animals, transporting horses is particularly complicated. This is because of the nature of horses and the fact that a thoroughbred is really powerful and can wreak havoc if it gets out of control. If you are about to get involved in the tedious task of horse transportation, here are some tips that will help.

Start by a complete check of the mode of transport you are about to use. Regardless you are about to use horse lorries or horse trailers, you much check that the vehicle is strong enough to withstand the horse’s attempts to get out, just in case anything untoward happens. Also check the key things that need to be checked in any automobile including gas levels, air pressure in tires, brakes etc.

Next you have prepare the horse for the journey. This is easily the most important aspect of horse transportation. Your horse might not be ready to board the vehicle. You will need to coax the horse into the vehicle. Walk all over the ramp in front of the horse to show that the ramp is safe. If you have traveling shoes for your horse, make it wear them so as to maintain balance on the ramp.

Third thing is to prepare the truck for travel. Park the vehicle properly and apply hand brakes as well. Place the ramp and secure it properly in place. Now put some wood shavings on it to make it look more natural to the horse. Open all windows of the truck to make sure that there is enough light and ventilation in it. Place a stack of hay in the vehicle, a feed bucket along with a water bucket in it as well.

Fourth step is to actually make the horse board the truck. This will require a lot of patience and coaxing. The process is essentially the same as loading horse in a float. The difference is that you will not find any dividers so while you are transporting horses, all of them will have to stay together. With this done, you are now ready to hit the gas pedal and drive away.

Horse transportation is very easy, provided that you do it properly.

Special Tips And Considerations While Transporting Multiple Horses

Transporting one horse is by itself a gargantuan task and it becomes all the more difficult when you are transporting multiple horses. A number of people have witnessed horses being injured or falling sick in transport because of negligence. If you are about to transport multiple horses, make sure that you adhere to the below mentioned tips and considerations.

First of all, you must choose the appropriate means of horse transport. When moving a single horse around, you can use any horse box. When you are transporting two horses, you will need specialized, twin horse boxes. These twin horseboxes have spacers or dividers between them which create an individual compartment for each of the horses. Plus when transporting multiple horses, it also halves the number of trips as you can move two horses at once.

Second thing is that you must take good care of the health requirements of the horse. The vet will have to be consulted and you will have to procure certificate of all due vaccinations being administered to the horse. Further, horse must have been negative in Coggins test for the last 6-7 months.All is is best done a week or so ahead of transporting horses.

Third thing is that your horses must be suitably attired for transport. Every horse must wear a halter while you are transporting it around. The best choice is a leather halter because you can easily get rid of it if there is an emergency. Special horse boots are also available for such requirements. These boots are highly protective and also help the horse maintain balance. If it is too cold, you may want to carry a blanket or two as well.

Fourth aspect of transporting horses is food. You will have to get fresh hay for the trip. If the trip is not too long, you may carry all the hay you need. If the trip can take many days, even weeks, it is best that you procure hay while on the road. Prearrange for such a requirement and make sure that you know at least two or three hay shops at every way point. Try to keep some buffer stock for emergency as well.

Finally, if you are using duo horseboxes but shipping only one horse, make sure that the horse is loaded on the driver’s side compartment.

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